Kim Aerts is a landscape oil painter working and living on the coast of Nova Scotia

This site is dedicated to my interest in landscape oil painting. The site is split into the overall gallery and new works for sale. I also am planning on developing an art blog within this site where you will find more about me and my latest works.

Most of my oil paintings are on wood panels mounted on frames but I occasionally work on canvas. Questions and queries are welcome.

I started out with a classical painting education when I was in my teens under the tutelage of Ely Kish, a renowned Smithsonian painter. I then went to Mount Allison University where I broke away from my traditional training and dove into more abstract sculptural and photographic works intermingled with painting to create various multimedia pieces. I graduated with a BFA and entered the arena of real life where food and housing take precedence although most of my work to live experience still revolved around art.

Most significantly, I started a graphic design firm about 20 years ago and have been running it with my partner ever since. After all this time, I find myself painting landscapes again, albeit with considerably more life experience to reflect on.

My paintings are probably less about the landscape then face value would tell you. The works on these pages are a record of some of the experiences I have had that I could best describe as transcendant. Where experience empties out and preconceptions fall away and you are left with a very potent silence.

Recent Work

Kim Aerts Oil Painting. © 2016. All Rights Reserved.

Kim Aerts Oil Painting. © 2016. All Rights Reserved.

Kim Aerts Oil Painting. © 2016. All Rights Reserved.

Kim Aerts Oil Painting. © 2016. All Rights Reserved.

Kim Aerts Oil Painting. © 2016. All Rights Reserved.

My medium of choice is oil paint for its vibrance and translucence.

I also tend to work with strong colours directly onto the canvas so I find oil’s slow drying time allows me to mix and create more subtle tones.

Peggy’s Cove Paintings 2016

Peggys Cove is a small rural community located on the eastern shore of St. Margarets Bay in Nova Scotia’s Halifax Regional Municipality, which is famous for the Peggys Point Lighthouse (established 1868).

Read more about Peggy’s Cove on Wikipedia >

2016 – 2017 Events

Avondale Garlic Festival
September 17, 2016

Peggy’s Cove Area Festival of the Arts
July 7th – 17th 2016

I am always looking for opportunities to show and sell my work. If you have a suggestion, please send it along.

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I must admit I am most interested in skies. A sky can make or break your day, and if you look at them long enough, their magnificence becomes clear.

At a recent art festival one visitor to my booth said she would rather be looking at skies with all their limitless possibilities than walking around staring at the ground in front of her only knowing what would happen in the next few seconds.

© Copyright - Kim Aerts. All rights reserved.